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The story of hair transplant

The story of hair transplant
This diary is from one of our previous patients.
Day 2
Today was the day I received my 2600 grafts in the front of my head. They finished in the early afternoon and I felt good enough to walk back to the home from the clinic. After sleeping still for seven hours, I was anxious to get on my feet again. Besides, the walk was only about a mile and a half, and the weather was beautiful. After getting back I didn’t really feel much pain or discomfort, but I still didn’t want to take any chances.
Day 3
I slept well last night and woke up early. I was feeling very little pain. Because of this, I took two Tylenol pills .and walked because the doctor said me for avoiding from edema in frontal .I went to clinic and changed my bandages of back of my head. Frontal of my head had not any bandages.
Day 4
I had not any pain. Just walk and drank water.
Day 5
Every things was pain no edema and no bleeding from surgery line.
The other big event of the day was taking off the bandages and washing my hair. I had to be very careful not to let the jets hit the grafts. I poured soapy water over the top of the recipient area, and then rinsed it in the same manner. There was no pain or irritation in doing this, and my head actually felt better afterwards. Then the same way after 5 minutes I washed the shampoo by the N/S washing serum .Some people will avoid washing their hair for a while after surgery because they’re afraid it might hurt the grafts. The grafts need to be kept clean in order to avoid infection.
Day 6
Today reality the fourth day from my hair transplant. Everybody who knew what I was doing wanted to see what it looked like. They were all very surprised. One person mentioned that she expected holes all over my head. The common theme that just about everybody agreed on was that it looked a lot better than they thought it would. Regardless,. Don’t ever trust anyone that says a hair transplant can be undetectable the day after surgery. I don’t think it’s possible. [Unless you have some hair to cover the scabs.-NHT]Other than the appearance of the scabs, however, I could easily forget that I just had surgery four days earlier. There is absolutely no pain or discomfort and very little swelling. 
Day 7 and Day 8 
I washed the grafts the same method….every things was ok….
Day 9
Some of the scabs started to fall off today, and the redness in the recipient area has faded quite a bit. The different thing about today is that the cut in the donor area started to hurt. I think this is because the healing and scabbing is drying out the area. It’s not really painful, just irritating. The stitches in the back of my head were still bothering me a little. But the irritation was gone an hour after waking up, and it really didn’t bother me for the rest of the day. Some patients have said that vitamin E can help reduce the itching, so I bought a bottle in preparation for what might happen. I don’t need it yet but I’d rather have it and not need it.
Day 10
Every things is normal.
Day 11
Most of the scabs have fallen off, but a few are left. Surprisingly, the itching has gotten better instead of worse. I also started exercising again today. I didn’t do anything major. Just rode the exercise bike for about thirty minutes. The recipient area has healed so well that even I have to look close to see that anything was done. Aside from very slight redness, the only way anyone can tell is because there are now very short new hairs where there weren’t any before. I can tell the donor area is healing because it’s starting to itch. Another thing I noticed is that there is a step in the hair pattern in the back of my head. I’ve heard, however, that that happens to just about everybody in the beginning. Eventually the hair will grow and blend better as the size of the scar goes down. Besides, when I’ve pointed this out to others, they said they never would have noticed. Unfortunately, I still probably will never be able to cut my hair very short anymore.
Day 12
The donor area is healing well. Everything else is going along normally. The scar in the donor area gets better and better every day. I’m now gently rubbing Vitamin E gel on it before I go to bed... As for the recipient area, I don’t think any of the hair in the grafts has fallen out yet, but it’s hard to tell.
Day 13
Every things is normal….
Day 14
I went to clinic and the doctor took off my stitch. I had not any pain or bleeding.
Day 21
I can use the shower from washing my hair gently .Some of the grafts are definitely starting to go into the dormant phase. This morning, I noticed that there was less hair in the recipient area. Then, after washing, it seems more hair came out. In a way, I’m kind of happy. While I hoped I would be one of the few whose hair continues to grow right after the transplant, I didn’t really expect it to happen. And the sooner the hair falls out, the sooner it will start to grow again.

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