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Why Hair Transplantation

Why Hair Transplantation
To have hair is advantageous, because:
- Hair creates a youthful and attractive appearance.
- Hair is a distinctive feature that distinguishes us from others.
- Hair is a source of pride.
- Hair increases our self-esteem.
- Hair offers some protection from the cold and heat, including ultraviolet rays.

- Today men as well as women place a premium on hair fashion to enhance their appearance and to make a personal statement.


- Hair transplantation returns your own hair back to you.
- Transplanted hairs are permanent and life-long. 
- You can comb, allow it to grow to whatever length you wish or cut your new hair (it will grow back).
- If you wish, you can dye your hair and style it according to the latest salon fashion.
- You can feel it when you touch it and are being touched.
- Your hair is so natural that only you (and us) will know that you had a hair transplantation.
- You will have a more dynamic and youthful appearance.
- You will feel confident in all your physical activities. 
- You will lead a more active and energetic social and business life.
- You will feel better about yourself.


Indications of Hair Transplantation
The primary indication of hair transplantation:
- Partial or complete hair loss in men (male-pattern-baldness or androgenic alopecia).
Other conditions that hair transplantation is the primary treatment method:
- Camouflaging scalp scars in both sexes.
- Partial or complete eyebrow reconstruction.
- Restoration of mustache and beard in men.
- Restoration of hair in the sideburn and temporal region in women.
Relative indications of hair transplantation (hair transplantation can be applied just in selected and appropriate candidates):
- Hair loss in women (hair transplantation is suitable in women with male-pattern balding, but not a good solution in women with extensive thinning).
- Young men under the age of 30 with type 1 hair loss.
- Men with the most severe form of hair losses (type 6 or 7).
Contraindications of hair transplantation:
- Dermatologic diseases of the scalp.
- Extensive hair loss due to chemotherapy.
- Temporary hair loss due to some disorders (diseases of the thyroid gland, dietary, anemia, acute stress).

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