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Before Hair Transplantation

Before Hair Transplantation
Before the hair restoration intervention, Doctor will discuss with you your medical history and expectations.
Please be prepared to provide the following information:
- Beginning and duration of hair loss.
- Any changes in hair loss during the last few months, year(s).
- Prior medical or surgical treatments for hair loss and any experience with prosthetic hair.
- Any known problems/complications which have arisen due to hair loss, if available.
- Medical history and known allergies. List of medications, vitamins, herbal products which you are currently taking.
During the examination, Doctor will determine:
- The form and percentage of hair loss
- The type of hair loss (thinning, partial or complete loss)
- The thickness of the hair; the shape of the hair (wavy, straight or curly)
- The density of the donor area
Doctor will plan your hair transplant intervention after this consultation and discussion.
Prior to the hair transplantation, we strongly recommend that the guidelines below be followed:
1- One week before the MikroFUE hair transplant intervention, please do not take any medications which might increase bleeding (such as aspirin, tea from plants, and pain tablets for rheumatism).
2- Smokers, please do not smoke on the day of the intervention.
3- On the evening before the intervention, you may wash your hair with a neutral shampoo, such as baby shampoo or Sebamed daily shampoo.
4- On the day of your hair transplant intervention, have a light breakfast or a light meal.
5- Please do not have your hair cut before the intervention. Our surgical team will include a haircut in your personal treatment plan.
6- During the intervention, you will wear your own clothes. We recommend that you wear comfortable leisure clothes. For example, fitness wear or a track suit.
Post Hair Transplantation Care
We strongly recommend and request that after your MikroFUE hair transplant intervention you follow our personal haircare instructions and regime to ensure a fast and smooth recovery. we will supply all the medications, lotions and shampoo you will require during the post operative period. 
First 3 days (the day of surgery is Day 0):
You can expect to feel completely normal immediately following the procedure, due to the advances in local anesthesia techniques.
A light dressing (bandage) will be placed over the donor area of your head (backside).
Recipient hair transplant area will be left uncovered. Do not let anything touch the recipient hair transplant areas, during the first 24 hours after surgery. On the first night the head is slightly elevated to prevent an edema (swelling) around the eyes. The best sleeping position would be to lie on your back, the donor back areas of your head propped up by pillows.
We will provide any required prescriptions and/or drugs you may need during the post-operative recovery. Should you experience any discomfort, you may take a mild pain-killer pills 3 times a day. If you are taking any medications prior to the surgery, you can continue to take them following the surgery.
Some patients may experience a slight edema (swelling) around the eyes following the surgery. This will improve in 2-3 days.
You will be able to resume your normal daily activities the day after the MikroFUE transplant intervention. You may travel by plane or by other transportation the next day.
Please avoid any sexual activity during the first 5 days. Rigorous physical exercise or sports activities in general may be started or resumed 20 days after the hair transplantation intervention.
Do not wash your hair during the first 2 days after your transplant.

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